World Renowned Circuit DJ since 2000

Specialist in her signature originally created CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance™ Parties for raising awareness, vibration, and collective consciousness.

DJ Quetzal Star DJs at Burning Man, and around the world at Burning Man Regional events, transformational festivals, initiations at sacred sites, clubs, warehouse parties, consciousness symposiums, shamanic retreats, private gatherings, massive corporate events, and more.

She provides smooth rhythms to get down to and journey with. !

She provides smooth rhythms to get down to and journey with. Shamanic, tribal, tech house, burner, melodic, sound healing tones, and acoustic awesome sonic bliss are some of the styles she will explore in her sets.

Accompanied by pineal gland stimulating breath sequences, her dance parties are off the charts high vibe. Sacred Divine Moments of Truth -DMT- are collectively accessed by participants through sacred geometry-based energy techniques, gamma breaths, and dancing. This aural and motion systems journey takes us through a portal into full spectrum life upgrades and deep communion, plus through steps towards Light Body activation.

Formerly DJ Just Honey in the jet set worldwide circuit, she has played at massive raves, warehouse parties, big clubs in Ibiza, London, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Canada, and had numerous residencies in NYC, Chicago, LA, and Houston back in the early 2000s. Her current incarnation in music brings forth her synthesis of sacred geometry, GAMMA DMT Pineal breathwork, ecstatic dance, Core Love’s Magix and Blinx techniques, her signature GAMMA REIKI ™ energy work transmissions, medicine journeys and more.


She is known for her signature life processing and full spectrum upgrading CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance ™ , commissioned dance scores, gamma meditation journeys, and originally produced peak hour DJ sets. Some of her classic original journeys include: Pineal Activation Sunrise DJ Journeys and GAMMA DMT Light Body Activations at Sacred Sites worldwide, Conscious Community Activations, CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance™ and Parties at any venue, as well as at gorgeous beaches.


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