The Energy Of Breath School

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The Energy Of Breath School was born in Manhattan, New York, in 2006, under the direction of RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

Our Story

The Energy Of Breath School brings its signature work and trainings to the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, and to several meditation centers throughout China, Cuba, Mexico, and many other locations worldwide including working with the Shamans in the OSA peninsula of Costa Rica, worldwide festivals and consciousness symposiums, as well as to experience water breathwork and nature immersion at sacred sites.

The Energy Of Breath School offers access to its students and participants worldwide in person and through the web. All programs are certified through The Energy Of Breath School and are accredited by the American Association For Drugless Practitioners, recognized worldwide.

Current courses include

Gamma Pineal Breathwork Activation Trainings, Gamma Breath Practitioner Trainings, Trauma and Addictions Clearing Gamma Trainings, Active Meditation Trainings, Gamma Reiki ™ Level 1, 2, and Reiki Master Teacher Trainings, and CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance™ Trainings. Workshops and events offered include Gamma Pineal Breathwork Activations and CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance™ and DJ Quetzal Star Parties. Individualized sessions in goal activation, pineal gland and light body activation, past completion, holistic nutrition, active meditation, Gamma Reiki, and more are continually offered.

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