A unique technique for Heart Opening, LOVE, and Planetary Awakening is born!

RahQuel brings together Sacred Geometry, Pineal and DMT Activation, Gamma Breathing, the best in Dance and Shamanic Music, Shamanic Healing, and Gathering of Conscious Community to bring to you:

CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance ™

RahQuel, as DJ QUETZAL STAR, guides us as we amplify the fun and raise our collective vibe to enter the Gamma state. We activate celebration, feel-good body sensations, connection, heart activation, confidence, and laughter, divinely guided higher consciousness states, new collective vision, and most of all LOVE.

We dance and vibe together to our hearts’ content and into heightened bliss to epic music – electronic, tribal, burner, organic, shamanic. DJ QUETZAL STAR provides the smooth sonic bliss mixes over state of the art sound systems while holding the context with Gamma DMT Pineal Activating Breaths, Gamma Orbs, Magix, and Blinx Energy techniques. Sacred Geometry and Visionary art is projected.

This is transformational journeying for the NEW AGE.

DJ QUETZAL STAR leads her CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance ™ worldwide at transformational festivals, retreats, symposiums, conferences, regional burning man events, Burning Man, private parties, corporations, spiritual healing ceremonies, and more. She presents the journey as a cutting edge DJ set at festivals, or as an ecstatic dance journey, or in a dance party/club/lounge context.



Would you like to offer a next level experience for your community and the special people in your life?

As well as entertaining, these offerings will create a transformational shift in consciousness in a positive way that your friends will thank you for forever.

Book RahQuel Star Achiaviatta / DJ Quetzal Star for your upcoming special event or gathering:

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Spiritual and religious rites of passage
  • Parties
  • Business events
  • Sports and other teams
  • Dinner parties
  • Schools and other educational settings
  • As part of trainings you offer
  • For your personal group of family and friends
  • For your students
  • As a gift
  • As part of a festival

CATALYZE DMT Next level Dance and Gamma Breathwork Activation

3 hour event minimum*

pricing dependent on location, length, and type of event

*event length can be tailored to the function

At this event participants will experience a deeper and enjoyable freeing connection with themselves, accessing joy via breathing to elevate positive brain and body chemistry, confidence, community and heart connectedness, plus lots of fun dancing and celebrating to good music. This is an original and unique creation by RahQuel Star Achiaviatta.

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