The Energy of Breath School Packages

If you are a seeker of consciousness and truth and desire to fulfill your most powerful and purposeful expression of your higher self this lifetime, then these next level tools for expansion are just right for you. Each session incorporates gamma activations for advanced efficient and effective results.








What makes your heart sing?
What do you really want to be doing?
What is your purpose here on earth and what are you here to create and share?

It takes operating at a sustained higher energy state to generate and materialize your legacy.
Legacy, Purpose, And Passion Gamma DMT Pineal Breathwork Activations involve the conversion of stored memory in your brain in order to access the Gamma state so that you can use this high power energy to fuel your dreams into reality. You will activate your desires, visions, and the energy from experiences that can nourish the development of your purpose and passion, which trains your brain and your reality to upgrade and show you your path and actions steps for materialization.

The new information and guided action steps that will emerge in your awareness by entering this higher energy consciousness state lead to their physical manifestation by upgrading your energy levels and brain processing power for you to show up in a continually evolving and new way.

You need not know yet what direction you desire to head in at the onset. Your Gamma state will begin to inform you. If you are already on your chosen path, your Gamma state will inform you what your next upgrading action steps are to take.
Your communication skills, interactions, intuition, creative skills, and groundedness will improve, and all the right divinely orchestrated meetings and people will show up to support you on your path.

This is a 4 x 75 minute session program



Why suffer?
It is your birthright to feel vibrant, at ease, and full-spectrum alive.
You can heal from traumas, stress in the past, and from addiction rapidly with this cutting edge new synthesis of healing modalities uniquely created by RahQuel.

RahQuel is a specialist in trauma and addictions clearing, having designed and created the somatic therapies programs for the executive division of Ocean Drive at Caron Renaissance and Headwaters at The Hanley Center, both world renown addictions treatment and recovery centers. She combines Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing model with Gamma Breathwork, Magix, Spiral G Bodywork, Gamma Orbs, and Reiki Energy and Aumakhua Ki Healing techniques, holistic nutrition, and heart-centered and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy to support you in healing and recovering so that you can step fully into consciously creating your new fulfilling life.

This uniquely designed approach creates a rapid and holistic recovery for all participants. Each session leads to concrete changes in your brain functioning and pattern clearing, reprogramming into life-affirming choice-making, release of stress charge from your nervous system, and radically improved mental, emotional, and physical health. Most participants reduce or eliminate the use of prescription medicines in the process. You will experience significant shifts in your increased level of wellbeing following each session, while the trauma, addictions, triggers, and patterns that led to your state of suffering are progressively completed and brought to neutral. This way you can live your life from a present, capable, and grounded place within.

Session packages are 4 x 75mn sessions



We all long for a true intimate, passionate, clearly communicative, mutually supportive, happy and aligned connection with our true love partner!

By getting into the Gamma state you can process charges and patterns from the past (even from before your current relationship) and accumulated triggers during your relationship, and upgrade into a higher ground common place in which to meet and truly see yourselves and each other.

Solutions come from higher order perspectives that are uniquely accessed in the Gamma state. There might be dynamics that aren’t working for you, and these get solved by upgrading how you process your perspectives about yourself and each other, and about how you interact.

Even if you think and feel that a situation is unworkable, give gamma a try and witness the transformation occur for both of your highest good. There is no longer any need to remain stuck in loops of trigger patterns that are simply an accumulation of charged memories you have each created. In gamma lies the blueprint to fresh and brand new solutions and relating with presence.

You can jointly activate any reality you want to co-create– from the beginnings of restoring a mutual ground to beautiful tantric experiencing and sharing as a daily baseline state.

This approach works great with couples who are doing very well together and who desire to cocreate any kind of reality or upgraded endeavor together.

These sessions are different to any other type of couples coaching in that the solutions come from exploring the varying perspectives and converting them into Gamma with RahQuel’s techniques which you will learn to do very easily at home.

Any issue can be handled and upgraded in the direction that is in the utmost highest good for both of you, as well as for your families.

With Gamma the energy becomes available to activate true happiness and communion with yourself and union with each other. You can activate and actualize your goals for your life together.

RahQuel will support you in gaining the clarity for this to occur.

Packages begin at 4 x 90mn sessions with concrete guidelines to follow




Yes it is possible to become even more radiant, energized and healthy!
With this work you will reverse the aging process and become increasingly vibrant, youthful and alive.
You will find yourself gravitating to what aligns you with your utmost radiant healthy self, and loving the foods and nutrients that will transform you into your best self.

You will learn to deeply understand your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, personal needs and preferences, current state of health, and health desires and concerns when working with RahQuel to create your synergistic holistic nutrition system that will bring your unique goals into fruition.

You will grow to be in complete alignment of body, emotion, energy, mind, and spirit so that you can thrive by nourishing yourself in just the right way. By combining supernutrients, personalized cleanses, and performance nutrition with the activation of a gamma state body and brain, you will find yourself becoming more youthful, vibrant, and radiant every day.

You will access and implement the program that supports your life goals to upgrade into higher vibrational states and into your desired full-spectrum life. With this type of coaching it is possible to release medication, cravings, blood sugar issues, toxic habits and foods, illness, injury, addictions, emotional triggers, lower energy states, and any substances that create limitation.

You will discuss with RahQuel your specific wellness goal and put it into action.

Packages begin at 4 x 90mn sessions with concrete guidelines to follow



Yes you can meditate, and very well!
All levels and preferences in meditation are welcome.
We are MEANT to be in a constant state of meditative presence– this is our true nature when the static is cleared.

Meditation is everyone’s birthright, and the key to personal healing, growth, and heightened awareness. There are infinite ways to meditate, and here are several ways offered through our School.

RahQuel will will support your access into constant meditative presence, plus show you how to practice any of these:
– All of OSHO’s Silent and Active Meditations
– Guided Visualization Meditations
– Vipassana Meditations
– Guided Gamma Breath Meditation Journeys
-Laughter Meditations

Active Meditations involve the practice of bioenergetic exercises, breath sequences, cathartic expression and release, dance, and silence to evolve and access deep meditative and healing states. OSHO’s Active Meditations include Dynamic, Kundalini, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Sounds, Nadabrahma, No Dimensions, Mandala, Laughter Meditation, Mystic Rose, to name a few.

You will learn how to practice a choice of these meditations on your own, and get that a meditative state can be easy to access! You will even learn effective meditations as short as 3 minutes, and how to meditate all day long – the ultimate space to be in.

Custom tailored guided meditations can also be created for your unique needs.
Many of OSHO’s discourses are also offered.

Packages are 4 x 75mn sessions



Are you ready for an upgrade in how you feel?
Do you know that you can tap into a higher energy source to support you in your emotional balancing, physical healing and wellbeing, and harmonization in any area of your life?
Reiki also works for accelerated healing of injury and dis-ease.

GAMMA REIKI ™ , created by RahQuel by combining Gamma with Reiki, is a healing energy practice that is gentle and relaxing, yet profound. It is appropriate for everyone drawn to it. It is conducive to personal awareness growth as well as for gentle comforting support while experiencing accelerated releasing of non-serving patterns and accumulated stress, as well as rapid healing of physical injury or dis-ease. Scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of Reiki in the acceleration of physical and emotional healing.

GAMMA REIKI ™ brings forth clarity and heightened intuition in the area of your life on which you wish to focus the sessions.

You will be receiving energy transmissions that raise the vibration of all of your molecules in order to create alchemical personal growth and transformation.
These sessions are conducted long distance, or in person by request.

RahQuel is a Reiki Master Teacher with 25 years of experience teaching GAMMA REIKI ™ to thousands of students worldwide and facilitating countless healing sessions. She combines the traditional Mikao Usui Reiki healing traditions with Gamma Energy work, Magix and Orb techniques, and Gamma Breaths to maximize and upgrade the power of this miraculous healing energy tradition. Her signature GAMMA REIKI ™ trainings uniquely involve the combinations of these methods.

Participants report experiencing deep calm and profound nurturing healing, during and after GAMMA REIKI ™ energy healing sessions. The clearing of physical and emotional symptoms and patterns, the releasing of non-supportive behaviors and belief systems, and experiencing miraculous results that western medicine is just beginning to catch up to and explain, are just some of the benefits of experiencing Reiki healing.

Packages are 4 x 60mn sessions



Do you wish to be of service to others and want to train and become certified quickly and effectively in a cutting edge platform to do so?
Learn to guide others in their path of multifaceted personal transformation and awakening as you also continue your own infinite expansion!

These trainings are custom created for you and your groups, including corporations, addictions treatment centers, for holistic healers and practitioners, and for your personal individualized experience. They are tailored to people of varying backgrounds and professional experience.

Trainings vary in length from 8-30 hour basic trainings and 8-30 hour advanced trainings for already practicing professionals, to 50 hour extensive trainings in basic, intermediate, and advanced modules.

Learn more about Gamma Legacy and Goal Activations

Learn more about Catalyze DMT Next Level Dance™


All trainings are certified via The Energy Of Breath School and are accredited worldwide via the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. Practitioner Liability insurance coverage becomes accessible following certification through our programs.

These trainings are powerful for their experiential and transformation-supporting context, making them a significant process for all those who desire to participate and exponentially propel planetary movement for upgraded consciousness.


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!