Corporate Training

Would you like to offer your team a phenomenal cutting edge transformational experience that they will feel re-energized and deeply grateful for?

Would you like for your team to feel recognized, appreciated and empowered, and have new tools they can use on their own daily to feel good?

Would you like your team to realize that they belong to a supportive and conscious community with a common vision that they actively foster and cultivate?

Would you like to also reap the same benefits by joining in and bringing this experience to your company?


The Energy of Breath School Programs can be tailored to any corporate or private setting and requirement with any amount of participants

Series, combinations, and one-time presentations are offered in:




Corporations events yield these outcomes for clients, participants, and company growth:

  • Increased personal awareness
  • Profound stress release
  • Team building and connection
  • Emotional balancing
  • Increased health and well-being
  • Enjoyable opportunities for movement
  • Heart-centered connection
  • Easy tools learned to be used by every participant on their own daily, as well as during the work day regularly as a team
  • Amplified new perspectives that are more functional and productive to the business
  • Increased productivity, mental focus, and efficiency
  • Increased sense of personal fulfillment and inspiration
  • Access to new ideas and systems that can benefit the company


Please contact RahQuel directly for a meeting about your business vision!