DJ Quetzal Star shares her music sets in support of conscious gatherings, high vibe parties and epic celebrations. She chooses her music carefully to induce a journey of expansion and ecstatic flow and body movement. When she facilitates her unique signature CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance™ she incorporates pineal gland stimulating breath sequences for personal and collective heart opening and awareness activation.
She can be recruited for private events, corporate parties, clubs, underground scene parties, holistic fairs, festivals, meditation symposiums, electronic music festivals, and the like.

DJ Quetzal Star has been a world renowned circuit DJ since 2000, and Specializes in her signature CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance™ She DJs at Burning Man, and around the world at Burning Man Regional events, transformational festivals, initiations at sacred sites, clubs, warehouse parties, consciousness symposiums, shamanic retreats, private gatherings, massive corporate events, and more.
She provides smooth rhythms to get down to and journey with. Shamanic, tribal, tech house, burner, melodic, awesome sonic bliss are some of the styles she will explore in her sets.
Accompanied by pineal gland stimulating breath sequences, her dance parties are off the charts high vibe. Sacred Divine Moments of Truth -DMT- are collectively accessed through sacred geometry-based energy techniques and dancing.

Contact RahQuel Star Achiaviatta / DJ Quetzal Star to discuss your DJ event- the size, vibe, location, and all your desires for it!