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GAMMA is a high frequency brain state that is our birthright to experience. The Gamma Breath boosts an elevated amount of brain processing power and upgraded sense of self, insight, and connection to our higher and authentic self for evolved perspectives and solutions. Our natural ensuing pineal activation and DMT is known for activating a portal to our higher and collective quantum consciousness.


Each audio here is designed to activate a specific topic, then sequences of breaths are guided by RahQuel for you to follow, with pauses in between to feel the upgrades taking place. Any topic, such as skill development, activating more love, defining goals, upgrading limiting patterns, taking action steps, manifestation and the like, are all themes for your process. Gamma Activation is a high level form of brain training, in which we take charge of how to utilize our fabulous brains to develop our lives the way we know we are capable of doing and way beyond!   We can also heal from addictions, traumas, patterns and more with these breaths, accessing a new state of calibration, harmony, and balance.

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I first met Rahquel Star ten years ago when she was a guest lecturer for the Integrative Health Program at the the Graduate Institute.  I was struck by her presence, authenticity and mastery as a teacher. When I needed to do an internship for the program I immediately contacted her and asked if I could be her student.  The core course at the time was Dynamic Breath facilitation. During the course I had a Kundalini Awakening that has propelled me toward a remarkable journey of healing and Self discovery.  Along the way Rahquel Star has been a steady guide.

Its not just mindfulness or spiritual development that this energy accelerator cultivates.  She is an extraordinary healer and has repeatedly helped me repair injuries that I was told were permanent, reversed nerve damage, improved chronic illnesses and trained me how to eat for optimum well being.  And once I regained my vitality she introduced me to ecstatic dance. With all of these tools I can sustain vibrant health on all levels. None of this would have been available to me without this incredible woman.  She has devoted her life to this path and brings a level of mastery, transparency, authenticity, wisdom and deep compassion to all she does.

 If you have any interest in well-being, healing, or self development, if you cultivate curiosity and seek discovery, if you are open to ecstatic experiences Rahquel Star Achiaviatta is a trustworthy and skillful guide.  I am very proud to call her sister.


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