Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM PST
Acro Enso 601 E 4th Street, Reno, Nevada 89512

2-12-12- Elixir Mixer Special: Full Moon Passionate Heart Breath and Dance Activation

$20 includes Elixir Mixer

$15 early registration via Mind Body


Come to activate a deep and heart-felt connection with yourself and your dance in a new and elevated way.

To start, RahQuel will guide you through a 45 minute Gamma Breath practice for setting high level intentions during this powerful cosmic portal of 12-12-12

The Gamma Breath activation will enhance your grounding, free up any tension, unleash emotions and outdated perspectives, and attune you to a higher and upgraded expression of YOU.

We will also experience a special full moon breathing technique for activation.

Activating your Gamma State will stimulate your pineal gland and a release of your natural DMT- The Spirit Molecule – to awaken your consciousness in alignment with this Portal.

You will experience more light and flow and space in your body and rhythm, and creatively channel inspired movement that will naturally flow through with ease as you connect with your breath and intention as a powerful catalyst.

This breath journey segways into free-form dance and any flow you like at our fun curated DJ party, plus all the fun activities we usually enjoy at our community Elixir Mixer with free-flow acro, dance, stretch, practice, elixir drinking and hanging with friends.

See you then, and let’s Galactivate Together!

Love and Namaste,
RahQuel ❤️

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