• Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 11 AM – 1 PM
  • Wingfield Park300 W 1st St, Reno, Nevada 89503

**No prior meditation experience necessary, just arrive with your loving heart**

Join us for this FIRST EVER Multi-Modality Crystal Grid World Peace Meditation facilitated by Matthew Embrey and various other authentic healers from around town. Wednesday, July 17th 2019 from 11:00am to 1:00pm (please arrive by 10:30). Wingfield Park, 300 West First st. Reno, Nevada 89509

Science has already confirmed the powerful positive effects of people coming together in mass meditations!! (It’s basically HUGE UNIVERSAL SCALE MANIFESTATION!!) During this crucial time for humanity, it is important that we take all the opportunities we can to help elevate the global energies and consciousness, so that our hearts are guided together for the concern of every being on the planet. With this intention we may act in greater states of compassion in order to co-create a world where we can all exist in peace, abundance and prosperity. By joining into the Crystal Grid World Peace Meditations facilitated by William Lee Rand and the unique collaboration with all the local authentic healers in our Community we are blessed to join this process. See reiki.org for more information on the Crystal Grid, and to download a picture of the 5 Crystal Grids currently in place over the planet. Prior to this meditation you will be given the printed version from the website of the 5 Crystal Grids with information about each one to use after it’s activation for any space in your home.

How the morning will work-

Our time will begin with Matthew activating the Reiki Crystal Grids within our space to the other 5 major Crystal Grids and the many personal grids all over the world. During this time the other healers will begin to channel their modalities to be mixed and added to the Crystal Grid system. We will be connecting our hearts to produce an interwoven production of meditations. Please stay tuned as to the specific healers joining us.

Part of our time will be hearing from the vast local spiritual community-their message for world peace. Most of the time will be joining in the experience of multiple healing modalities while they each meld and combine their healing wisdom into the grid. There will also be time for connection and other merriments!!

Your Contribution-

This meditation is totally free to attend, we do ask you for a CALL TO ACTION-prana pay instead!! Please go and help spread peace, kindness, love, compassion, happiness, and/or jubilation to those around you.
• Say “hello” to almost everyone you meet, no matter how funny you look doing it!
• Pay it forward, repay another favor done to you by helping another person in return-easiest if it’s done in a moment of life, instead of pre-planned.
• Donate an hour or more of your time to a local non-profit/organization to help further their causes.
• Reach out to those who need a little more love and light in their life and suggest they join you in a community wellness class such as yoga, Thai Chi, meditation, massage, or even with an actual healing practitioner.
• Etc. Etc. Etc The list can go on and on!

Side Note-
YOU MATTER. YOUR HEART MATTERS. YOUR COMPASSION MATTERS. YOUR LOVE MATTERS. YOUR CONTRIBUTION MATTERS. We encourage that you invite as many people to join with us as possible!! We have room for almost 200 people!!! We and the universe humbly thank you for your kindness. Your energy is extremely important in contributing to a happier, healthier, world. Always COME WHEN CALLED!!!

As we all walk our own journeys together in this Earthly plain, may we grow, may we heal, may we be love. May we look our brother’s and sister’s in the eye as if we were looking into a mirror, may we be One.

For questions or more information please contact
Matthew Christopher Embrey-mcclain – FB Messenger or email to Compassionateconnectionsmatter@gmail.com
Keep checking for more information on those healers who are co-laborating.

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