Our Fantastic Beautiful Morris Burner Hostel is up to more good, gifting, good vibes, and heart-connected fun gatherings as we always do!

Come join us on Mondays for wellness, fun, and beautiful community burner principle style.

We have GAMMA BREATH with RahQuel, Smokey, Eric, and the rest of our fantastic gamma community 7:45pm to 9pm.
This is an intuitive personal development journey powered with gamma breaths designed to take us into higher consciousness states and access to higher body intelligence and expansion.
Graduates of our most recent gamma breath training through The Energy Of Breath School are leading this activation.

Then at 9pm it’s our fabulous epic Flow Jam hosted by Smokey and Drum Circle with Q (Scot Quigley).
He brings a variety of fabulous drums to share.

We have hoops and some flow toys plus bring your own and jam with us!

Plus come chat with burners and learn all about burning man and our ethos,

See you on Monday!

Much love,
The Mo

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