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Thursday, October 4, 7pm to 8:30pm, $50

Join us at Vibes Up as we welcome guest teacher RahQuel Star Achiaviatta with her unique Gamma Breathwork Pineal Activation

GAMMA is a high frequency brain state that is our birthright to experience. The Gamma Breath is a new and easy cutting edge way to get into the Gamma state within one minute, and increasingly so from there.

Gamma leads to an elevated amount of brain processing power and upgraded sense of self, insight, and connection to our higher and authentic self for evolved perspectives and solutions.

Our pineal gland becomes stimulated by these special breaths, leading to a micro and natural release of dimethyltriptamine (DMT- the Spirit Molecule) in our brains, along with a regulation of all neurochemicals.

Combined with a powerful endorphin release, we now function at an optimal and much happier level.

DMT is known for activating a portal to our higher and collective quantum consciousness.

These breath sequences can be learned easily and practiced at home or anywhere; each sequence lasts a minute, and as a regular practice will lead to profound reality shifts in powerful, productive and positive ways.

When practiced in a group the power is magnified, as is the sense of oneness and loving community. These breaths and the Gamma State lead to heart–centered living and to thriving in consciousness development. The Gamma state is a gateway to Light Body activation and higher sensory abilities.

A session involves conversation to activate a specific topic, then sequences of breaths with pauses in between to feel the upgrades taking place. Any topic, such as skill development, activating more love, defining goals, upgrading limiting patterns, taking action steps, manifestation and the like, are all themes for our process. Gamma Activation is a high level form of brain training, in which we take charge of how to utilize our fabulous brains to develop our lives the way we know we are capable of doing and way beyond!

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