• Jun 7 at 12 PM – Jun 8 at 7 PM PDT
  • Reno, NV
  • Tickets www.keelyspell.com

Beautiful Beings!

Medicine Woman Keely Spell is coming to Reno from Delray, Florida to facilitate Toad Medicine Ceremonies June 7 & 8.
I cannot speak highly enough of her phenomenal power and integrity and wisdom as a facilitator and Being, and my experiences have been absolutely divine and the most powerful clearing and healing journeys I have ever experienced.
It’s going to be $222 per person.

Any questions please be in touch with me. I am so honored and so devoted to sharing this divinely beautiful Medicine with our sacred tribe!! I’m happy to share more about what this has done for me and my life, message me–I am so deeply thankful!
RahQuel Star Achiaviatta


Medicine of mother earth
The general effect is usually quite a cure, and the mind, body and psyche
tend to integrate more.
It allows the transmission and modulation of more information between neurons. The mind and body are quieted, often contacted with the
ineffable. All this usually works to clear the mind, align the psyche
and fulfill the spirit.

One of the benefits of a session is that people are then able to move forward with their lives with more perspective and many times more motivation.
It is a very powerful catalyst of change in addition to being a stress reliever, can open the mind and allow a special and novel experience.

Below is a list of the proven benefits :
• Release of conscious or unconscious burdens.
• Allows greater rest when sleeping.
• Physical and mental relaxation.
• Helps to cure psychosomatic diseases.
• It can attack physical ailments, from the
astral plane.
• Help understand the meaning of meditation.
• Face fears, anger, jealousy, envy, etc.
• Deep release of traumatic emotional burdens.
• The pineal gland is activated and detoxified.
• Stimulates the immune system.
• It reconnects you with your Soul and
integrates it inside your body.
• You leave fears and negative
programming aside.
• You liberate your past.
• You give freedom and
peace to your mind.
• You open your heart deeply.
• Feeling of being born again:
• Reset of Mind, Spirit and Body.
• Discover the purpose of your life.
• Control your thoughts.
• Improve relationships.
• Activation of the third eye.
• Increase in self-esteem.
• Relief of physical and mental pain.
• Elimination of stress.
• Encounter with real and true answers from the bottom of your being.
• Communication with other spiritual entities.
• It gives mental clarity and ideas

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