Did you know that the key to your advancement as an individual and as a collective is inside of your own breath?

Did you know the fuel for your personal evolution is inside of your brain memory and cellular memory?

Experience next level brain training and rapid powerful life upgrades with advanced technology!

Gamma Breathwork

Gamma is our highest level operating brain state that we access by breathing to upgrade energy levels in all regions of our brains and brain waves. When we are in Gamma, our pineal gland is activated, yielding the release of increasing amounts of DMT (dimethyltriptamine) which upgrades and informs our consciousness. DMT, along with serotonin, dopamine, gaba, and other important neurotransmitters secreted during the breaths, yield an amplification and deepening in perspective that bring us to a place of completion of our past and opening of full spectrum presence in our lives.

The memories from the past that govern lower energy looping patterns, traumas, mental and emotional chemistry imbalances, addictive behaviors, nonsupportive belief systems, and even psychosomatic and physical ailments and injuries, are stored as stuck energy charges in our brains and bodies. By easily and effectively accessing and converting these stuck charges into gamma energy with gamma breaths, we now have reclaimed large amounts of brain power that we then upgrade to elevate our life into the next level of consciousness.

We then utilize this fresh new brain power to activate, amplify, and upgrade the energy available from past experiences that have been positive, supportive, celebratory, empowering and affirming, bringing these qualities forward to present day, activating neuropathways for more of this to become our reality.

Next, we take it even further and intentionally and powerfully manifest our highest order visions with accessing future projected memory and downloading the blueprint for our next material action steps towards purposeful and conscious happy living. We actively choose where to direct our Gamma energy to evolve inside of a chosen topic within any of the following Orbs:

  1. Connection
  2. Routine
  3. Mood
  4. Awareness
  5. Interactions
  6. Body
  7. Job
  8. Friends
  9. Skills
  10. Relationships
  11. Goals
  12. Family

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Breathing into Gamma is an important and purposeful daily practice with priceless rewards, from a few one-minute breaths throughout the day to longer practices. This brings us to a baseline Gamma state and all of our life reflects upgrades into a higher energy state with unlimited fulfilling outcomes in whichever area we choose to focus our breath. Cultivating our Gamma state leads to the unlocking of our higher sensory abilities, the development of our higher brain processing power, and the evolution into our Light Bodies as we enter this era of accelerated consciousness evolution and next level awareness. The more people entering the Gamma state globally, the more imminent our planetary consciousness evolution becomes.

Check out our educational materials, to further support your daily Gamma cultivating practice follow our breathwork videos and audios.

Educational Materials

GAMMA BREATHWORK and the ORBS are the brilliant work of Core Love. RahQuel is a part of the Core foundational graduate community. Visit www.g.life to learn more about Core and further cutting edge advancement techniques.


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