We all long for a true intimate, passionate, clearly communicative, mutually supportive, happy and aligned connection with our true love partner!

Connection Is Beautiful!

By getting into the Gamma state you can process charges and patterns from the past (even from before your current relationship) and accumulated triggers during your relationship, and upgrade into a higher ground common place in which to meet and truly see yourselves and each other.

Solutions come from higher order perspectives that are uniquely accessed in the Gamma state. There might be dynamics that aren’t working for you, and these get solved by upgrading how you process your perspectives about yourself and each other, and about how you interact.

You can jointly activate any reality you want to co-create– from the beginnings of restoring a mutual ground to beautiful tantric experiencing and sharing as a daily baseline state.

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* Please note that when you book a session package, that you are only able to schedule your initial session. Once you have communicated with RahQuel you will be able to schedule the rest of your sessions directly with her.


This is different to any other type of couples coaching in that the solutions come from simply exploring the varying perspectives and converting them into Gamma with RahQuel’s techniques which you will learn to do very easily at home.

Any issue can be handled and upgraded in the direction that is in the utmost highest good for both of you, as well as for your families.

With Gamma the energy becomes available to activate true happiness and communion with yourself and union with each other. You can activate and actualize your goals for your life together.
RahQuel will support you in gaining the clarity for this to occur.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!