We are all creating our lives, our reality. The brilliance comes in when we manifest and create from our highest, most present, authentic self.

Gamma is a way to clear the programming, the patterns, the stories, and everything that isn’t authentically us, so that we can channel who we really are.

In our Gamma state we are accessing a high frequency vibration in which we can feel and visualize our heart’s desire, and consequently attract it to materialize into our reality.


In Gamma Manifestation & Alchemy Activations we access and amplify our best feeling states, and positive memories act like a goldmine full of fuel to be directed into the creation of our most esteemed life.

Manifestation in a group creates a massive upgrade in collective consciousness as well.

Through this process we also access the concerns and patterns that have been in the way of actualizing the lives we love, and process these into Gamma, thus freeing up this energy and tailoring it into a perfect Gamma manifestation and creation.

What is also wonderful about our Gamma consciousness is that it coincides with the beautiful opening of our hearts in a profound way, leading to a deep self love and love as a way of Being.

As you re-write the script of your life, watch your highest most aligned dreams unfold into reality.

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