Meditation is everyone’s birthright, and the key to personal healing, growth, and heightened awareness. There are infinite ways to meditate, and here are several ways offered through our School:

– All of OSHO’s Silent and Active Meditations
– Guided Visualization Meditations
– Vipassana Meditations
– Guided Gamma Breath Meditation Journeys
– Laughter Meditations

Active Meditations involve the practice of bioenergetic exercises, breath sequences, cathartic expression and release, dance, and silence to evolve and access deep meditative and healing states. OSHO’s Active Meditations include Dynamic, Kundalini, Chakra Breathing, Chakra Sounds, Nadabrahma, No Dimensions, Mandala, Laughter Meditation, Mystic Rose, to name a few.

You will learn how to practice a choice of these meditations on your own, and get that a meditative state can be easy to access! You will even learn effective meditations as short as 3 minutes, and how to meditate all day long – the ultimate space to be in.

Custom tailored guided meditations can also be created for your unique needs.
Many of OSHO’s discourses are also offered.

GAMMA BREATHWORK and the ORBS are the brilliant work of Core Love. RahQuel is a part of the Core foundational graduate community. Visit www.g.life to learn more about Core and further cutting edge advancement techniques.



RahQuel is a Reiki Master Teacher with 25 years of experience teaching Reiki to thousands of students worldwide and facilitating countless healing sessions. She is the creator of GAMMA REIKI ™ in which she uniquely combines the traditional Mikao Usui Reiki healing traditions with Gamma Energy Work, Magix and Orb techniques, and Gamma Breaths to exponentially maximize and upgrade the power of this miraculous healing energy tradition, propelling upgrades in planetary consciousness.

GAMMA REIKI ™ Level 1 Attunement and Training: to learn to channel GAMMA REIKI ™ energy healing for self and others in person

GAMMA REIKI ™ Level 2 Attunement and Training: to learn to channel long distance and group GAMMA REIKI ™ multidimensional healing

GAMMA REIKI ™ Level 3/GAMMA REIKI MASTER TEACHER Attunement and Training: to learn the art of teaching and attuning others to all levels of GAMMA REIKI ™, and as a practice as a path to enlightenment

The attunements catalyze an acceleration in personal growth, and each level of attunement is exponentially powerful in strength and in the activating of a higher capacity for channeling increased amounts of higher vibrations of energy.

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