RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

Breathwork Specialist, DJ/ Producer, M.A., HHC,
GAMMA Reiki ™ Master Teacher


To Planetary Pineal DMT Consciousness & Community Evolution through Energy Of Breath, Gamma, Music, and Dance!

What Is Gamma?

The Gamma consciousness brain state is our birthright and we are at a time of planetary awakening in which we can now globally all access the gamma state.

Pro Consulting

RahQuel works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and their boards and teams to harness company energy for streamlining and upgrading business focus.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

ACTIVATE your full spectrum life upgrades and deep sense of communion with RahQuel Star Achiaviatta, aka DJ Quetzal Star, through pineal gland and light body activating DMT stimulating breath sequences, powerful energy work, high level holistic personal and community transformation tools, and her own brand of of shamanic, electronic and organic sonic bliss via her signature CATALYZE DMT NEXT LEVEL DANCE ™ .Our high vibe gamma breath sessions, energy and breath trainings, manifestation and alchemy activations, shamanic retreats, dance journeys and community celebration activation parties are about elevating planetary Love, Harmony and Consciousness by entering the GAMMA State. Pineal activation and Divine Moments of Truth – DMT – are accessed through this sacred geometry-based energetic, aural, visual, ecstatic motion systems and higher sensory abilities methodology for planetary awakening. Join our exponentially expanding Global Conscious Community! At The Energy Of Breath School we are dedicated to educating about and fostering the elevation of vibration and quality of life, and causing a mass planetary awakening. GAMMA IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT!



We all long for a true intimate, passionate, clearly communicative, mutually supportive, happy and aligned connection with our true love partner!


Do you know that you can tap into a higher energy source to support you in your emotional balancing, physical healing and wellbeing, and harmonization in any area of your life?


Would you like to offer your team a phenomenal cutting edge transformational experience that they will feel re-energized and deeply grateful for?


Did you know the fuel for your personal evolution is inside of your brain memory and cellular memory?Experience next level brain training.


Why suffer?
You can heal from traumas, stress in the past, and from addiction rapidly with this cutting edge new synthesis of healing modalities uniquely created by RahQuel

CATALYZE DMT Next Level Dance ™

We activate celebration, feel-good body sensations, connection, heart activation, confidence, and laughter, divinely guided higher consciousness states, new collective vision, and most of all LOVE.


Meditation is everyone’s birthright, and the key to personal healing, growth, and heightened awareness. There are infinite ways to meditate, and here are several ways offered through our School


You will learn to deeply understand your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, personal needs and preferences, health condition, and health concerns when collaborating with RahQuel to create your synergistic holistic nutrition system that will bring your unique goals into fruition.

About Me

RahQuel Star Achiaviatta 

Breathwork Specialist, DJ/ Producer, M.A., HHC, GAMMA Reiki ™ Master Teacher
Director of The Energy Of Breath School founded in NYC in 2006

A worldwide teacher and facilitator of her signature CATALYZE DMT NEXT LEVEL DANCE ™ , and GAMMA Breathwork and Gamma Reiki Trainings™, RahQuel is adept at creating synergistic powerful techniques to forward planetary consciousness. She brings groups to work with the Secoya Elder Shamans in the OSA Peninsula of Costa Rica every year, and facilitates her original CATALYZE DMT NEXT LEVEL DANCE ™ and DJ Quetzal Star sets at global festivals, Burning Man and regional burning man events, massive worldwide meditation symposiums, private and corporate large scale gatherings, initiations at sacred sites, and much more.


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Every year RahQuel brings an enthusiastic group to the pristine off-the-grid raw nature of the OSA Peninsula in Costa Rica to journey with the Shamans.

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