RahQuel works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and their boards and teams to harness company energy for streamlining and upgrading business focus.

Pro Consulting

Company members are shown how to train their brains to successfully sync up for the creation of the next level vision and action steps for full spectrum growth of the company.

A company that operates in the gamma state is the most advanced company there is. At a personal and collective level the entity is functioning at the highest operating system level available to us as human beings at this time.

What does this mean?

Entrepeneurs, CEOs and all company teams will be trained in optimized brain development which causes a gamma response in the brain, leading to access to higher levels of information and synergistic solutions, new business operating systems and product formulation. Also all participants become a collective “supercomputer” in the sense that everyone’s brains can collaborate in a higher level functioning state, akin to an “operating system upgrade”.


Some examples:

A recent client was able to formulate the blueprint for the architecture and energy design for his new green living community in upstate New York following a pro-consulting session for him and his team.

Following participation in goal activation consulting in company meetings, partners in a product distribution company have been able to successfully execute the action steps leading to access and closing on new distribution deals, and signing on with lucrative clients in new territories for the business.

How is this unique and cutting edge?

That the answers and business solutions are accessed by the participants by being coached into the gamma brain state, which is the highest level functioning brain state humans can be in.

How does this upgrade occur?

Gamma is a brain state that we access by breathing and processing concepts to upgrade energy levels in all regions of our brains and brainwaves. When we are in Gamma, our pineal gland is activated, yielding the release of increasing amounts of DMT (dimethyltriptamine) which upgrades and informs our consciousness. DMT, along with the regulation of serotonin, dopamine, gaba, and other important neurotransmitters secreted during the breaths, yield an amplification and deepening in perspective that bring us to a place of opening of full spectrum presence in our lives. We can then harness and focus this energy for awareness development in any chosen field, such as in that of powerful business development and growth. The information that is accessed comes from a higher organizational state, yielding new powerful results.

RahQuel will coach all members of your company for enhanced functionality via Gamma breathwork activations, high level self-connection and team building conscious movement activities, energy balancing meditation techniques, and whole nutrition for mental-emotional-physical support and regulation.

Please contact RahQuel directly for a meeting about your business vision at 917-806-0702 or RahQuel444@energyofbreathschool.com to schedule a consultation about your unique company’s needs.

Please contact RahQuel directly for a meeting about your business vision!