Why suffer?
It is your birthright to feel vibrant, at ease, and full-spectrum alive.
You can heal from traumas, stress in the past, and from addiction rapidly with this cutting edge new synthesis of healing modalities uniquely created by RahQuel.

RahQuel is a specialist in trauma and addictions clearing, having designed and created the somatic therapies programs for the executive division of Ocean Drive at Caron Renaissance and Headwaters at The Hanley Center, both world re known addictions treatment and recovery centers. She combines Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing model with Gamma Breathwork, Magix, Spiral G Bodywork, Gamma Orbs, and Reiki Energy and Aumakhua Ki Healing techniques, holistic nutrition, and heart-centered and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy to support you in healing and recovering so that you can step fully into consciously creating your new fulfilling life.


This uniquely designed approach creates a rapid and holistic recovery for all participants. Each session leads to concrete changes in your brain functioning and pattern clearing, reprogramming into life-affirming choice-making, release of stress charge from your nervous system, and radically improved mental, emotional, and physical health. Most participants reduce or eliminate the use of prescription medicines in the process. You will experience significant shifts in your increased level of wellbeing following each session, while the trauma, addictions, triggers, and patterns that led to your state of suffering are progressively completed and brought to neutral. This way you can live your life from a present, capable, and grounded place within.

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