GAMMA for Integrating Shamanic Medicine Journeys

Shamanic Medicine journeys are highly powerful ways of accessing and accelerating connection to multiple planes of consciousness. These journeys also give access to accelerated spiritual, emotional, mental, physical healing and growth.

Being that they can be intense activations, it is important to have a way of preparing for these journeys as well as a way to integrate the experience fully and successfully, so as to benefit from it in life going forward.

Gamma supports you to prepare for your journey by helping you clear your mind and hone in on your intentions, while reducing interferences or blocks to the journey ahead. Preparing with Gamma also potentiates the fullness of the journey experience and receptivity.

Gamma supports you to bring up all aspects of your journey and amplify their benefits as well as deepen your insight and understanding for your growth. By doing the gamma breaths and energy processes, you can access further depth and spectrum of your experience, as well as remember more detail. Gamma will assist you in processing all the challenging aspects of your journeys as well. Plus, you will now integrate your new awarenesses into your physical body more thoroughly.  



Often following such heightened experiences there can be a disconnection sensation from the wellbeing it brought, as cleansing and detoxing on all levels is taking place. Also, such high energy experiences create a charge of energy in our brain, yet might not lead to practical life actualization of these consciousness upgrades without further assistance and supportive practices. Gamma changes all of this so as to create that each Medicine is highly nourishing and yields permanent tangible positive life changes.

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