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Learn how to do this at home and easily accelerate your Gamma quotient

Here you will find one of a kind cutting edge new tools for your consciousness development, personal growth, and healing.  The main tool in all of the transformational audios here is GAMMA. RahQuel has created all original processes captured in these audios for your consciousness activation and path to enlightenment, higher sensory ability, presence and joy in the Now, and Light Body development.

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The Core Of Our Courses. Gamma Breath

GAMMA is a high frequency brain state that is our birthright to experience. The Gamma Breath, created by Core Love, is a new and easy cutting edge way to get into the Gamma state within one minute, and increasingly so from there. Gamma leads to an elevated amount of brain processing power and upgraded sense of self, insight, and connection to our higher and authentic self for evolved perspectives and solutions.   Our pineal gland becomes stimulated by these special breaths, leading to a micro and natural release of dimethyltriptamine (DMT- the Spirit Molecule) in our brains, along with a regulation of all neurochemicals. Combined with a powerful endorphin release, we are  now functioning at an optimal and much happier level. DMT is known for activating a portal to our higher and collective quantum consciousness.
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These breath sequences can be learned easily and practiced at home or anywhere; each sequence lasts a minute, and as a regular practice will lead to profound reality shifts in powerful, productive and positive ways. When practiced in a group the power is magnified, as is the sense of oneness and loving community. These breaths and the Gamma State lead to heart–centered living as well as vibrant consciousness development. The Gamma state is a gateway to Light Body activation and higher sensory abilities.   Each audio here is designed to activate a specific topic, then sequences of breaths are guided by RahQuel for you to follow, with pauses in between to feel the upgrades taking place. Any topic, such as skill development, activating more love, defining goals, upgrading limiting patterns, taking action steps, manifestation and the like, are all themes for your process. Gamma Activation is a high level form of brain training, in which we take charge of how to utilize our fabulous brains to develop our lives the way we know we are capable of doing and way beyond!   We can also heal from addictions, traumas, patterns and more with these breaths, accessing a new state of calibration, harmony, and balance. The energy stored in the memory of these patterns opens up a goldmine that becomes alchemized into Gamma, which neutralizes the patterns and lower vibration charges that were recorded in the brain.   You will be guided through layers of your consciousness with the gamma breaths, as you hone in to just the right theme you wish to explore in your life, or to neutrally experience the massive benefits of conscious breath. Breath is a powerful access to our awakening and connection to our higher self and purpose. These audio sessions lead to profound rejuvenation, revitalization, and a deep and expanding meditation baseline state, a total transformative experience.   You will utilize your gamma breaths to hone in to your most clear desire and how to manifest it. The Gamma process yields access to higher order information on how to develop your vision, what actions steps to take and give you a huge energy boost to make it happen. In Gamma you will also access and neutralize any limiting incidents, patterns or beliefs that may be in the way of manifesting, and convert these energies into Gamma to propel you forward into the life of your dreams.   During the process you may experience several body and brain sensations, such as tingling, elation, waves of energy flow, lightheadedness, emotions shifting, aches releasing, and a desire to move or stretch (please do so). You may find yourself yawning frequently also, a sign of charges releasing. You may also see vivid images and colors, and you will access higher realizations, ideas, and solutions. You can sit or lay down comfortably for each of these processes. A private place where you feel at ease is recommended. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and perhaps a small pinch of sea or Himalayan salt (listen to your body) for added capacity for grounding and energy conduction, and allow yourself the environment and space to relax into the process and integrate after.


Experience rapid and magnified results with next level Brain Training Gamma techniques designed to develop you in every area of your life. Imagine functioning in an upgraded manner by following these simple yet high-tech processes that will revolutionize the way you live– You will find yourself living an authentic and functional vibrant life by following this ORB development protocol.   The ORBS are based on the physical structure of the body and are the organizational system for storing the memory of all of our life experiences. These memories contain a goldmine of fuel and energy ready to be converted into our highest functioning and potent Gamma energy for the activation of our Lightbody. Our Lightbody is a Pineal operating system connected to the unfoldment of our higher sensory abilities which are fueled by the Gamma conversion from our bio-chemical body operating system experiences into Gamma, plus from the remembrance of our future projected memories which become materialized by our intentional design with the Gamma breath practices. The Twelve ORBS making up the Quartex were conceived of by Core Love.
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In each ORB audio you will be guided to focus on a specific life theme, and breathe through Gamma sequences that will evolve that area of your life in exponential and unprecedented positive ways. You will access the fuel from related stored memories that you will then convert into Gamma. Then you will take this Gamma energy and focus on specific outcomes you desire to activate and actualize into your life. As you utilize this practice several times for each ORB as you desire, you will witness how you manifest everything that is in alignment with your true self in record time, as if time collapses, being that you are entering quantum consciousness to manifest your visions, skills, and goals.   As you navigate the territory of each life area, you will see how you can heal disruptive patterns and nonfunctional aspects in each, and bring harmony and desired results to each. This occurs by being in the Gamma state– a higher perspective and frequency from which to solve situations and access synergistic and way more evolved perspectives.   RahQuel guides you in a thorough and succinct manner –20 minutes per audio process- to explore the limiting charged states and bring them to neutral for each life area, and then into the personal, interactive, communal, and quantum fields for each one in order to develop and harness new territory and be able to function optimally. This is full spectrum living, broadening vibration and perspective.   You can purchase one ORB audio set at a time, or a set of four, or all twelve. Start on the ORB where you feel most drawn, and go in the order that your Gamma state informs you to go from there. You can work on several ORBS at once, though ideally not more than three. You can practice with these audios as often as you like, though at least a couple of practices total with each is recommended for achieving massive levels of depth and mastery in each one. If you practice with one ORB (parts A, B, and C, in this order- you can do all three daily, or A for a few days, then B, then C) for an entire week, you will experience large paradigm shifts in your life. This said, Gamma activations are unique in that even one single Gamma breath can bring you the shift you are seeking!   As you train yourself to focus your consciousness with each ORB, you will find that your life upgrades in beautiful, amazing, and miraculous ways. And what is also special about these audios is that you can revisit the whole series as often as you wish and experience infinite growth in your awareness and expansion in who you are.
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“Ut hendrerit, leo eget facilisis venenatis, elit est faucibus libero, at consequat lorem orci sit amet libero. Etiam non dignissim, iaculis libero vulputate. euismod libero. Morbi leo felis, egestas nec volutpat ultricies, euismod consequat arcu. Sed auctor dignissim tellus eget blandit.”

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