According to the work of Core Love, the crown of our head corresponds to our connection orb. i have been focusing on this orb these last three months with the desire and intention to become increasingly connected and in tune with my higher self. I have focused on being able to effectively download or bring down into my physical body higher levels of awareness, knowledge, and understanding.

There are many methods by which I have been doing this. They are: Core Love’s Connection Orb breaths from the Activate My Core program on his site www.g.lfe,

  1. working with Jophiel Myckol Syversen to access my new name based on soul contracts and numerology ( I went by the Osho name Arpana Rohi for fifteen years prior), which signifies major life upgrades and qualities I am bringing forth,
  2. taking the Aumakhua Ki Level One energy training with KahThorun Syversen, Jophiel’s wife,
  3. and a beautiful five week road trip for priceless quality time with my daughter. On this spiritual journey we experienced the full solar eclipse at Oregon Eclipse, camped in the gorgeous redwood forests, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and went to Burning Man!
  4. Finally, I am now channeling my higher abilities and owning my power in launching my online and international energy training practice in a potent and brand new way.

So here is what I would like to impart to you:

We ALL deserve to connect to our higher selves, become clear and begin to awaken to our true higher sensory abilities and powers as human beings. We are so powerful! When we tap into our higher source and then focus to activate all of our orbs, we vibrate at a higher and stronger level, thus becoming able to release the collective cultural and other extraneous programming and static that has blocked us, and convert latent energy into gamma power and pineal activated consciousness.

i want to share with you in the most efficient and potently distilled way the tools I have learned and used and the tools I have created to make this so.
The benefits are extensive:

inner joy, heart opening, connectedness with ourselves and others, new harmonious relationships developing, healing of the past, feeling vibrant and alive, tapping into our creative channels, accessing information as to our purpose, feeling lighter and clear-headed, taking action where it matters, becoming more streamLined in our lives, feeling relaxed. Want to join me here?

I will be taking us on a journey through the Twelve Orbs with breath and energy activations plus more.

The Twelve Orbs are:

  1. Connection
  2. Routine
  3. Mood
  4. Awareness
  5. Interactions
  6. Body
  7. Job
  8. Friends
  9. Skills
  10. Relationships
  11. Goals
  12. Family

By processing and upgrading our experiences in each of these orbs we create a life of fulfillment and heightened development, beyond our wildest dreams.

I look forward to meeting you there,
RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

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